Economic Development for Difficult Households

Anh Duong has helped 4,703 poor households escape poverty sustainably. Currently, 2,502 poor households have received micro loans from Anh Duong to develop their lives by farming, breeding, fishing or doing small business. For the first year, we offer microcredit at 0% interest to help them get used to the program. Besides, we also help them with agricultural techniques, cultivation as well as vaccine support for livestock. For the second year, we apply 0.5% interest on their loan to cover local administrative costs.

Education & Health

In rural districts, knowledge about health and environmental issues is limited, the community has no understanding of gender issues, and students do not have a clear understanding of dental, gender, or HIV prevention. sexual abuse, etc. Besides, many poor families are able to send their children to school, leading to these children not being able to have a better future and not being able to escape poverty.
Sunshine’s programs focus on schools and communities.

Chương trình Ánh Dương HG


TRAN NGOC NGAN- A poor student needs help in monthly scholarship

Tran Ngoc Ngan, born in 2012, is in 6th grade. Ngan has a total of 4 siblings who all go to school and study very...

Donation: 4,500,000đ
Mobilization: 300,000đ


Improving the quality of life for the poor combined with environmental protection

We encourage poor communities to improve their capacity to solve their own problems, improve living standards, economy, and prioritize education for women and children. We wish to build solidarity, mutual support among communities and towards sustainable development.

Sứ mệnh của chúng tôi


New school year gifts for poor students

In order to help poor students and students with difficult circumstances continue to go to school, from August 12 to 17, 2016, Anh Duong cooperated...


Become our donnor

Alongside Anh Duong, there will be a multitude of values that you will contribute to the community. Many sponsors such as MOMO, Dragon Capital,, Prudential, and others have been accompanying Anh Duong. You can be the next person.

Become children's sponsors

There are many underprivileged children in Hau Giang who need support to continue their educational dreams. You can join in the journey of fulfilling the dreams of these children by participating in the ‘Future for you #’ campaigns.

Medical help

We still have a lot of low-income people living in remote areas without health insurance. When sick, there was no money for treatment, so he escaped from the hospital to go home, get medical treatment for money, and endure the pain.

About us

Anh Duong has been implementing projects in poor communities in Long My and Phung Hiep districts, Hau Giang province since 2005. These projects aim to help poor women, children and households improve their living standards. Surname.

About us