New school year gifts for poor students

In order to help poor students and students with difficult circumstances continue to go to school, from August 12 to 17, 2016, Anh Duong cooperated with Phung Hiep District Department of Education and Training and other schools. giving gifts at the beginning of the school year to students. This is one of the activities in the Sponsorship program to help poor students have good conditions to study well, encourage them to continue going to school to fulfill their academic dreams, so that they can have a good life. more in the future.

In this giveaway, 366 poor students received gifts including briefcases, textbooks, boxes of learning tools (writing, ruler, eraser,…) each worth 400,000 VND; Total value 146.400.000 VND. Schools receiving gifts include:

  • Phuong Ninh Primary and Secondary School: 160 parts,
  • Hiep Hung Primary School 1: 70 parts,
  • Phuong Phu Elementary School 3: 82 parts, and
  • Phuong Phu Secondary School: 54 parts.

In which, the number of students in the Sponsorship program is 253 children, the rest are students with extremely difficult circumstances.

On behalf of students at Phuong Phu 3 Primary School, a student said: “We are poor students, although our circumstances are different, we all have the same desire to study in the best places. in order to have a job in the future to help the family get out of poverty. However, as students go up to each grade, the burden of parents is increasing, the cost is more and more. Therefore, many poor friends of the same age as us have dropped out of school, went to work to help the family, missed the dreams and hopes of school age… It’s lucky for me that my parents have worked hard for me. can be able to go to school. Even more fortunate when the aunts and uncles in Anh Duong consider giving us gifts. With this gift, in the new school year, parents will partly save money for our children’s books. But the most precious is the spiritual gift, the aunt and uncle have encouraged us, helped us to rise up, overcome the pride of the poor, have enough confidence in studying, realize our dream of studying… I promise I will try my best to study hard so as not to disappoint my aunt and uncle.”

Students are happy with gifts at the beginning of the school year

In addition to the material meaning, this activity has partly influenced the community’s awareness of the importance of education for children’s future poverty escape. A parent of a student whose child received a gift shared her enthusiasm: “Although the valuable gifts are not great, for us, it really means a lot to my family. We are determined to work closely with the school in the education of our children so as not to disappoint the expectations of the school and the concerned society.”

In the near future, Anh Duong will organize a fundraiser for students. All the money raised will be transferred to the local study promotion fund to help disadvantaged students in Long My and Phung Hiep districts to continue going to school. Follow Anh Duong’s activities for more details.

Students receive gifts at the beginning of the school year