Introducing Ánh Dương

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Ánh Dương (i.e ”Sun Ray”), Community Development and Support Center is a Vietnamese NGO that operates poverty-reduction and community development programs in poor and remote areas of Hậu Giang province of Vietnam. It was established in 2008 and was registered by VUSTA (Vietnam Union of Scientific Technology Associations). Our efforts are focused to benefit the lives […] Read more


    Date of release Documents Français English Tiêng viêt 19-10-2020 Audit report for 2019 Audit report 2019 Eng BCKT 2019 AD 19-10-2020 Audit report for 2018 AD audit 2018 13-02-2019 Audit report for 2017 AD audit 2017 12-04-2017 Audit report for 2016 2016 Anh Duong E 03-08-2016 Evaluation report: scholarships and microcredit, 2016 975 […] Read more



To help poor students, students with disadvantaged conditions continued to schools, from 12 to 17 August, 2016, Anh Duong combined with Bureau of Education and Training of Phung Hiep and schools in Phung Hiep district to give gifts to the students for new school year. This is one of the activities of the Sponsorship program aim […] Read more

Where is Ánh Dương working

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Location of Hậu Giang province (area in white is in Long Mỹ, Phụng Hiệp and Vị Thủy district and Long Mỹ township)  Long My district Long My township Phung Hiep Vi Thuy Anh Duong and Thien Chi are two non profit organization in Vietnam. While Anh Duong works at Hau Giang province, Thien Chi works […] Read more

Scholarship Festival Day

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In 29, 30 and 31 August 2016, Anh Duong combined with BOET of Long My burg, Phung Hiep and Long My district and 52 primary, secondary and high schools implementing Scholarship Festival Day. This is manual activity of Anh Duong to increase awareness of the importance of education for students. The students will run a […] Read more

Scholarship need for the poor student

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Education is the most important key to escape poverty and get a better life. However, in Hau Giang, many families could not send their children to school because of poverty. They live base on farming and labor with less than $1 per day. On top of poor people, they could not prepare for their children […] Read more

6 Facts Every Nonprofit Leader Needs To Know About GDPR

In less than two months—on May 25, 2018—the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect. This new European Union regulation applies to any organization that processes and handles data about EU citizens, even if the organization is based outside of the EU. This means that if you have donors in the EU or […] Read more

CHECKLIST: Essential Safeguarding Steps To Protect Your Community

First, do no harm. If you work at a nonprofit serving people in vulnerable situations, you’ve probably heard that phrase. It feels like a given—of course nonprofit professionals want to protect people from harm. Yet, as recent news stories highlight, safeguarding needs to be approached systematically. Staff need to be equipped with tools, training, and […] Read more

Work with sponsor on the new budget 2019-2022

From 14 to 18 May 2019, Anh Duong team works with Madam Cecilé from Partage, France on proposal and global budget 2019-2022. Over 3 days hard working, we all agreed with the budget and activities of the project to help children access better educational conditions. Thank you very all Anh Duong team worked hard with […] Read more

The World Preventing Harmful Effects of Cigarette Smoke

Responding The World prevent harmful effects of smoking, in the morning of 31 May 2019 Anh Duong combined with local government and The Fund for prevention and control of harmful effects of cigarette smoke to organize meeting and jogging to communication about harmful effects of smoking and promote everybody give-up smoking as soon as possible […] Read more