titleNet houses are one agricultural innovation supported by Anh Duong. Farmers learn to grow good quality crops under the protective nets. Anh Duong encourages farmers to grow different crops, and many farmers are able to sell these vegetables at higher prices at the market. As such, the use of net houses has contributed to income improvement for many poor households.

The net houses are constructed from netting and wood.

Farmers are encouraged not to use chemical fertilizers when using the net houses. Instead, they use natural fertilizers made from cow and pig manure. Earthworms are first placed in the manure and then the water product from this is further diluted to be used as fertilizer. The net houses enable farmers to grow crops year-round and the protection provided by the netting calms worries about potential crop diseases. With further development and success, more farmers will use net houses and introduce more safely grown vegetables for their communities. In the field crops are subjected to heavy rain, insects, and disease… In order to be more efficient vegetables are grown under nets. The nets protect the crops against the rain, insects and some diseases. It allows the farmer to use less chemical products. The yield is higher and you can sell your production easily. Any kind of vegetable can grow under the net, such as string beans, cinnamon, horseradish… Anh Dương helps the families with half the price of the investment.



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