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New address of Anh Duong’s office

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Dear valued friends, We sincerely thank you for your attention and help during the past time. We hope that luck and happiness will come to you all. We are pleased to announce the relocation of our office. Since 1st November 2016, our office moved to new address: 930 provincial high way, Area 5, Thuan An […] Read more

Where is Ánh Dương working

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Location of Hậu Giang province (area in white is in Long Mỹ, Phụng Hiệp and Vị Thủy district and Long Mỹ township)  Long My district Long My township Phung Hiep Vi Thuy Anh Duong and Thien Chi are two non profit organization in Vietnam. While Anh Duong works at Hau Giang province, Thien Chi works […] Read more

Our Charters

We, at Anh Dương, adhere to the highest ethical standards,and aim at high performance and efficiency: Guidelines – Ethical Principles in Fundraising Child Protection policy

How can you help?

The needs of communities are great and varied. There are more gaps to fill than organizations fill them, and the struggle for change is constant and difficult. Anh Dương has taken a big role in the effort to help as many families in their neighborhood as possible. Progress and growth are their primary goals, as […] Read more

Contact us

Ánh Dương Community Development & Support Center 930 Provincial High Way, Area 5, Thuan An Ward, Long My Township, Hau Giang province Tel: + 84(0) 2933 871 869 Email: anhduong.longmy@gmail.com www.anhduonghg.org

Our vision, mission, values

VISION: We strive for a society of fairness and equality in which poor people understand the issues that hinder local development and are encouraged to take part and work together to overcome challenges and improve the quality of life of their communities. MISSION: We are a social organization. We cooperate with local and international organizations […] Read more

Our project criteria

Here’re three key criteria to make successful for our community development projects 

Our team

We are all Vietnamese born and have backgrounds in agriculture, aquaculture, health, micro loans and/or social work. This diversity allows us to undertake a wide variety of valuable projects to meet the needs that are identified in each community. Our staff is highly motivated to help the poor through sustainable development and self help programs. […] Read more


    Date of release Documents Français English Tiêng viêt 19-10-2020 Audit report for 2019 Audit report 2019 Eng BCKT 2019 AD 19-10-2020 Audit report for 2018 AD audit 2018 13-02-2019 Audit report for 2017 AD audit 2017 12-04-2017 Audit report for 2016 2016 Anh Duong E 03-08-2016 Evaluation report: scholarships and microcredit, 2016 975 […] Read more

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