Date of release Documents Français English Tiêng viêt 25/05/2023 19-10-2020 Audit report 2022 Audit report for 2019   audit English 20-Mar-2023 08-07-46   Audit report 2019 Eng audit Vietnamese 20-Mar-2023 08-04-15   BCKT 2019 AD 19-10-2020 Audit report for 2018 AD audit 2018 13-02-2019 Audit report for 2017 AD audit 2017 12-04-2017 Audit […] Read more

Raise fund to help the poor overcome Covid-19

On 28/8/2021: Anh Duong center recieved 26 rice bags (need more 83 bags) . We already gave 22 bags to the poor households. Thank you very much for your support! Dear friends, Anh Duong center supports the poor households with microloan to conduct livelihood model. Currently, we provide loan to more than 1800 poor households […] Read more

Thank you for visiting and supporting our project

We are really happy when receiving an email from our visitors after the tour. Normally, Anh Duong team organizes the tours for our friends who have interested in our activities about community support in the weekend during 2019-until now. Begin the May with a couple Johann and Bianka from German on Monday morning. Through friends […] Read more

Newsletter in November 2020

Dear supporters, Anh Duong center is a local NGO in Hau Giang province, Mekong Delta, Vietnam. Our mission is to improve standard life for local people and help students keep going to school in order to get a better future. Every year, we organize events to raise funds for our activities: solidarity running for scholarship, […] Newsletter

Newsletter from Anh Duong center

ANH DUONG NEWSLETTER T1 T2 – Version finale Chères marraines, chers parrains, Après une fête du Têt joyeuse clôturant l’année 2019, et alors que les enfants s’apprêtaient à poursuivre leurs activités à l’école, avec leurs parents, famille et amis, la crise sanitaire a marqué un temps d’arrêt et nous a conduits, à Anh Duong, à […] Read more

Recycled plastic project

Anh Duong is preparing to operate the recycled plastic project to reduce the pollution and protect the environment. Here are the activities that we are operating with the plastic waste in our projects. We cooperate with Plasticpeople to do the pilot house by using plastic panels on the house: roof, wall. #Mekongplus #Plasticpeople #Wolfgang […] Read more

Support the poor in the pandemic period

In order to assist poor villagers to prevent the spreading of coronavirus as well as to survive in this coronavirus pandemic period, Anh Duong has provided masks, hand washing soap, rice and chicks, duck, fish, and seeds for the very poor to raise and serve themselves in the period.   Anh Duong has cooperated with […] Read more

Support the poor households overcome crisis of Covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic spread out all around the world. More than 211 countries and areas have 2.55 million infected cases. In Vietnam, there are 268 cases infected thanks to the drastic action of all people and authorities at all levels. The Government recommends everybody stay home to control the spread out situation. Many companies, schools, […] Read more


Account Name: TT HO TRO VA PT CONG DONG ANH DUONG Account No.: 7002201000772 Bank name: Agribank Long My district, Hau Giang province, Vietnam Bank address: Long My township, Hau Giang province, Vietnam SWIFT Code: VBAAVNVX900

The World Preventing Harmful Effects of Cigarette Smoke

Responding The World prevent harmful effects of smoking, in the morning of 31 May 2019 Anh Duong combined with local government and The Fund for prevention and control of harmful effects of cigarette smoke to organize meeting and jogging to communication about harmful effects of smoking and promote everybody give-up smoking as soon as possible […] Read more

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