Support the poor in the pandemic period

In order to assist poor villagers to prevent the spreading of coronavirus as well as to survive in this coronavirus pandemic period, Anh Duong has provided masks, hand washing soap, rice and chicks, duck, fish, and seeds for the very poor to raise and serve themselves in the period.

Anh Duong has cooperated with the local authorities to come the poor villagers’ houses one by one to deliver to them & for each household relay the messages about prevention. Isolated households are the poorest and often not well covered by government staff; the very poor also need more explanations & messages must be repeated.


From the end of March till now Anh Duong has supported:

3000 masks for 1200 poor households, each member one masks
-1000 dry hand washing water for 100 poor families
-39 hat protection the virus for 39 children in the regions.
-255 poor households have been supported rice, seeds and chicks, duck, fish, …
-More than 200 families have trained about how to prevent the coronavirus each month.