The coronavirus pandemic spread out all around the world. More than 211 countries and areas have 2.55 million infected cases. In Vietnam, there are 268 cases infected thanks to the drastic action of all people and authorities at all levels. The Government recommends everybody stay home to control the spread out situation. Many companies, schools, manufature factories, business agencies close; The concentration of people is prohibited.
Although the infected cases are under control, but the live of people has affected, especially the poor. They lose their jobs, without income sources and reserve assets, finding food becomes more difficult. The children stay home, the parent should take care them all day. In order to help the poor overcome the crisis, Anh Duong team has mobilized philanthropists to contribute to help the poor such as rice, seed, chicken, duck… to help the poor have income and stable life. Anh Duong team delivers rice to the poor households. We also support baby chicken, duck, vegetable seed for the poor growing. We hope families will take good care of this small model to overcome the immediate difficulties and stabilize their lives.
In addition, we also encourage donors from ANH DUONG to transfer part of the school support to community support as the school is currently closed.

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