Dear sponsors,

Happy New Year 2021!

In the first quarter of 2021, Anh Duong center actively organized ctivities to issue Tet gifts and other activities at primary and secondary school in Phung Hiep and Vi Thuy district. Due to the impact of the epidemic, people suffered reduced incomes and many difficulties, the program made some adjustments to bring joy to more poor people. Instead of giving Tet gifts to 600 poor students as in previous years, in 2021, we shared these gifts among 1200 students. The students and parents proved very happy when receive gifts on the hands on the occasion of Tet holiday coming. The program team felt very happy to witness their daily growth. The students have become more bold, more confident when participating activities that we organize.

2020 was a year that the whole world in general and Vietnam in particular experienced many difficulties because the epidemic breaks out in many places. Sometimes students have to stay home to keep them healthy. Thanks to the government’s policies and drastic action, the epidemic has been controlled, parents and students are also assured of going to school. Anh Duong team has coordinated with the local Education Department to continue implementing the program activities.

The New Year Buffalo 2021 brings hope to everyone as we develop a vaccine to prevent epidemics. We hope everything goes well in the new year. We wish our sponsoring parents, sponsors and families in the Partage family a lucky year, success and happiness.

Best wishes,


Hồ Thị Kim Chúc

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