The situation identified by Anh Duong requiring assistance is related to topography of the region. The Hau Giang province consists of a tangle river system and small dirt and slippery paths with no good connected in the monsoon. Probably, this cause to make bamboo bridge – Vietnamese calls “monkey bridge”. Of course, the vital transportation of local people is boat. For example, this type of bridge is made bamboo poles. It is very narrow, unsafe, and fragile. It is really extensive difficult problems in the monsoon season. It has been observed that a large proportion of children are starting school two years later due to are very dangerous.

  • Parents have safety concerns about sending children to school, especially of monsoon season from June till November each year.
  • The funds available to families for schooling are affected by the monsoon season because parents have to stop working to take children to school and then to pick them up. If children miss out on education, their chances of breaking the poverty cycle are drastically reduced.
  • Poor farmers must sell their agriculture products is 10 – 20% cheaper than the market price without choice, which makes getting out poverty that much more difficult.
  • Hardly empower rural women because of fewer opportunities to participate in social activities.
  • Local people have to spend a lot of money to buy gasoline as they might to choose other paths that the distance is absolutely further. It is making extremely poor people are being of harder fighting against poverty.

One way in which these problems could be resolved is replacing concrete bridges and roads to cope with these problems. Ánh Dương makes a difference by replacing monkey bridge; dirt and slippery road by concrete bridge and road. This will cope better which improves the level of safety to school for children. This will increase access which will reduce days of missing school; it will also increase safety when attending school. With the improved access and safety we believe the parents will send the children to school more regularly and at the appropriate age. We believe that this propose would help children to have better access rights for education. As education is the key to high standard of living for current and future generations.

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