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1. When was our organization establish?

In 2004, we run the project in 4 communes of Long My district with the name Vietnam Plus. After 4 years success with the project, we change to Anh Duong center in September 2008.

2. What is Anh Duong meaning?

At the first time we worked with local government, we have many name to choose. But we have impressive with suggestion from local authority that is Anh Duong – meaning the sun raise at our village. It means that we were the first local NGO, will warm the poor people up to help them escape poverty and get better life. We wish we could spread the warm feeling to the community.

3. Why the funders support Anh Duong center?

Anh Duong center works in the very poor villages of Hau Giang province with the high poverty rate and poor infrastructure. We have a enthusiasm staff ready to support the people. Anh Duong team creates the good condition for funders come and visit our project’s areas. We also share information and report specifically, clearly, on time and with specific supporting stories. Especially, we use the fund with highly effective, right purpose, financial transference and sustainable participant of communities.

4. What is the Value of Anh Duong?

At Anh Duong center, we have 5 core values:

a. Participant: All our activities involve the participation of the community and the government.

b. Transparency: activities must be public, audited and posted on the website and easily referenced.

c. Creativity: Always innovate to match the actual situation.

d. Solidarity: There must be a common internal consensus to solve difficult problems and accomplish goals.

e. Effective: Activities must be appropriate and effective, replicable.

5. What do the sponsors get when support Anh Duong center?

Donor prestige increases through the value of ADC. Be facilitated to visit and participate in activities with ADC. Receive quarterly, annual and agreed-upon reports. Funds are used effectively, reaching the hands of poor communities. Sponsor’s name and logo appear on the website, ban roll

6. What is Anh Duong strategic vision in the near future?

By 2025, ADC will be the leading social organization in developing sustainable livelihoods for disadvantaged communities in Hau Giang, especially women and children, through financial support and services. government, health, education, gender equality, job creation, agriculture and the environment.

7. Why does ADC stay in this area and not move to another when you report projects that are very effective?

Because of limitation of fund, our activities expand year by year to reach every poor person in need. The local government suggested that we continue to help people with new activities. At the beginning, we support a family who are very poor, then their income improved but it is still lower than poverty line so Anh Duong should continue help them.  They change slowly over long periods of time.