Date of release Documents Français English Tiêng viêt 25/05/2023 19-10-2020 Audit report 2022 Audit report for 2019   audit English 20-Mar-2023 08-07-46   Audit report 2019 Eng audit Vietnamese 20-Mar-2023 08-04-15   BCKT 2019 AD 19-10-2020 Audit report for 2018 AD audit 2018 13-02-2019 Audit report for 2017 AD audit 2017 12-04-2017 Audit […] Read more


1. When was our organization establish? In 2004, we run the project in 4 communes of Long My district with the name Vietnam Plus. After 4 years success with the project, we change to Anh Duong center in September 2008. 2. What is Anh Duong meaning? At the first time we worked with local government, […] Read more

Newsletter from Anh Duong center

ANH DUONG NEWSLETTER T1 T2 – Version finale Chères marraines, chers parrains, Après une fête du Têt joyeuse clôturant l’année 2019, et alors que les enfants s’apprêtaient à poursuivre leurs activités à l’école, avec leurs parents, famille et amis, la crise sanitaire a marqué un temps d’arrêt et nous a conduits, à Anh Duong, à […] Read more

The World Preventing Harmful Effects of Cigarette Smoke

Responding The World prevent harmful effects of smoking, in the morning of 31 May 2019 Anh Duong combined with local government and The Fund for prevention and control of harmful effects of cigarette smoke to organize meeting and jogging to communication about harmful effects of smoking and promote everybody give-up smoking as soon as possible […] Read more

Scholarship need for the poor student

Scholarship need for the poor student thumbnail

Education is the most important key to escape poverty and get a better life. However, in Hau Giang, many families could not send their children to school because of poverty. They live base on farming and labor with less than $1 per day. On top of poor people, they could not prepare for their children […] Read more

Why we want to share

Ánh Dương is just a small organization even though the programs have reached a large size: over 200 villages, more than 100.000 direct beneficiaries every year. Why do we want to share our experiences? We have 2 basic motivations: ü  We are small, so we feel we must tell a wider public, and the decision makers, about […] Read more

Our publications

Ánh Dương would like to present various types of publications ü  Short stories: the voices from the villages. We would like to share what we have achieved and allowed you met the wonderful people we are privileged to work with. ü  Videos: similar content as the short stories, but more fun! ü  Reports: all our […] Read more

Stories in the field

The short stories reflect events in the villages where we work, experiences of ordinary people or of the team.                                                                          […] Read more