Our project criteria

Here’re three key criteria to make successful for our community development projects

  • The poorest

Income: less than the poverty line, many cases less than haft dollar per day.

Property: Usually these households have no land, no valuable assets, and a house lack of amenities.

The important thing is main labor of the family, they are local people and have the dream to escape poverty and they are willing to make all models suitable for their conditions.

We choose the poorest because they are the most vulnerable, have the most urgent needs and want to overcome poverty for a better future for their children.

  • Strong involvement

Beneficiaries must participate in the project, they must be the main stimulus for the development of their community. Community is the implementer of the project activities. Our team helps them realize their dreams, helps them redesign their future. We have a strong commitment from project design to making it a reality, helping to create a practical benefit to the community.

  • Low cost and sustainable

Because our active subjects are the poorest, they have few resources, economic models must be appropriate for their economic circumstances. Models with low investment costs, low risk, easy implementation and control, deliver visible effects to the family.