altIn order to help the poor families in Hau Giang overcome the difficulties, Anh Duong supports microcredit to help families make livelihood models. One of common model that many families choose is raising pigs. 

At the first loan, we support 1,5 to 2 million VND to raise two pigs, then they sell one and keep one sow in order to raise new piglets. After refund the micro credit, Anh Duong continues supporting second loan to families to take care of the sow. After harvest, the rice husk is used as food for pigs. The families also collect water hyacinth and waste vegetable to feed pigs. The piglets are sold for a high price. Anh Duong gives loans and help with para-veterinary (vaccines).

Besides, Anh Duong also recommends install biogas systems to both help protect the environment and create gas for home use.

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