Student is very happy with gift for new school year

To help poor students, students with disadvantaged conditions continued to schools, from 12 to 17 August, 2016, Anh Duong combined with Bureau of Education and Training of Phung Hiep and schools in Phung Hiep district to give gifts to the students for new school year. This is one of the activities of the Sponsorship program aim to help poor students have good condition to study well, encouraging them to continue to go to school to make the dream of education, to be able to have a good life in the future.

During this gift giving, there are 366 poor students receive gifts including backbag, textbooks, stationaries box (pens, pencil, ruler, eraser, …) each worth 400,000 VND; The total value of 146.4 million VND. The schools received gifts including:


– Phuong Ninh Elementary and Secondary School: 160 parts,

– Hiep Hung 1 Primary School: 70,

– Phuong Phu Primary 3 School: 82 parts, and

– Phuong Phu Secondary School: 54 parts.

In particular, the number of students in that program is 253 students of Sponsorship program, the rest are students who have difficulties in special circumstances. Representing for students of Phuong Phu 3 primary schools, one student said that, “We are poor students, although the circumstances are different, but we all have in common desire is to be educated with highest level. So that we will have a stable career to help families escape poverty situation.

However in each school year, the burden of parents are growing up, as well as more cost.  Consequently, many poor friends with our same age have left school; go to work to support their families, miss the dream, the hope of school age … Fortunately for me is that parents have tried a lot to me to go to school. The more fortunate than when the aunts and uncles of Anh Duong have considered giving me the gift. With this gift, the parents somewhat reduced burden of money on books for the new school year. But the most precious spiritual gifts, aunts and uncles encouraged us, help us to grow, to overcome poor narcissism, have enough confidence in learning, to realize the dream of intelligent learning … I promise will try our best learning not to betray them“.

Apart from the physical sense, this activity has somewhat of an impact on community awareness about the importance of education for their escape poverty in the future. Some parents with children receive gifts shared passion: “Although the valuable gift is not great, but for us, it really brings a deep meaning for my family. We are determined collaboration with schools in the education of our children in order not to betray the desires of society as well as the school were concerned“.

Looking ahead, Anh Duong will organize fundraising activities for scholarships. The entire amount raised will directly transfer to local education promotion fund to help students with difficult circumstances in and Phung Hiep and Long My district has continued to field conditions. Follow the activities up of Anh Duongfor more details.

Students recieve gifts

Prepaired by Minh

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