Despite Vietnam’s economic growth, the poverty rates stay high and extreme poverty remains especially in remote and isolated regions. In Hau Giang, we focus on the poorest around 10 – 15% who live painfully with about US$ 173/person/year (less than 0. 57 US$/day). The poorest of poor people in Long Mỹ and Phụng Hiệp are lacking of chance to approach the daily basic living conditions. Of course, clearly women and children are the most vulnerable people as they are living depend on salary of their husband. It leads the position of women often are weaker than men in the family and we can see women suffer domestic violence. The children are traumatized for the rest of their lives when they witness domestic violence.  All of this affects the economic situations of these families and poverty will remain.  Ánh Dương identifies opportunities for changing the poverty by the interest free loans project so that the poorest of poor can gain more control over their lives. By helping loans for the extremely poor households they will be able to fight against poverty. 

How the micro loans program works 

  • List of poorest households from the local authorities
  • Household survey
  • Identify the priorities, discuss a plan
  • Scholarship
  • Medical treatment
  • Increase income
  • Technical support & follow-up
  • Micro credit
  • 6 cycles are interest free; 7th cycle at bank rate
  • Till the income has increased to 20 €/person/month

Here is the micro loans procedures



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