Job creations is one of Anh Duong programs in order to help local women in remote and rural areas in Long My district, Hau Giang province with employment opportunities. They can use their spare time to make handicrafts after finishing their house domestic chores as well as field work so that they can increase their income per month.

All of them attended the training on technology of specific commodities. At the present, Anh Duong has 5 groups of commodities: quilting goods, papier maché goods, and laptop bag and water hyacinth goods and bamboo straws. With 95 workers, Anh Duong has managed 8 groups of making handicraft: 2 groups of making quilting goods, 3 groups of making papier maché goods, 1 group of making laptop bag, 1 group of making water hyacinth goods and 1 group make straws from bamboo.

Monthly, according to the quantity of products which they make, their average income is 160$ per person per month. Moreover, to help them sell their products, Anh Duong is partnered with Mekong+ to display and sell products. This organization creates new designs, provides training, the quality checks of all work, provides the fabric for those workers via Anh Duong… and does the marketing the products worldwide.


Step by step, they become skilled workers. At the present, their products are sold both in Vietnam and abroad with high appreciation.

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