The needs of communities are great and varied. There are more gaps to fill than organizations fill them, and the struggle for change is constant and difficult. Anh Dương has taken a big role in the effort to help as many families in their neighborhood as possible. Progress and growth are their primary goals, as our accomplishments involve individuals and communities from one local scale to another.

Thank you for your contribution to the account:


Bank account: 7002201000772

Name of bank: Agribank – Long Ma brand

Code Swift: VBAAVNVX900


1. As a company

Corporate donations have an immediate and significant impact. Ánh Dương always needs once or recurring donations to support his many projects.

2. As a group or organization

Collective groups of individuals have the power to facilitate change, both in their own community and in the world community as a whole. They have the power to educate, raise awareness and raise funds. Ánh Dương needs monetary support for its various programs. If you think your group or organization can afford to provide support, please contact us

Why not bring a community or a school test on the importance of good dental hygiene together and ask every child to be sent to a child in the Mekong Delta who cannot afford?

3. In a personal capacity

All help is help and help is always needed!

4. So what it costs!

Microcredit: $ 50 to $ 200 for a loan to an extremely poor household Agriculture: $ 70 for the elder and to assist a group of 20 farmers for 1 year Construction of a concrete bridge: $ 1,000 School health: $ 45 / class / year Bursaries: $ 25 / child / year Successful room for children with special needs: $ 500 per room

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