The World Preventing Harmful Effects of Cigarette Smoke

Responding The World prevent harmful effects of smoking, in the morning of 31 May 2019 Anh Duong combined with local government and The Fund for prevention and control of harmful effects of cigarette smoke to organize meeting and jogging to communication about harmful effects of smoking and promote everybody give-up smoking as soon as possible […] Read more

Scholarship need for the poor student

Scholarship need for the poor student thumbnail

Education is the most important key to escape poverty and get a better life. However, in Hau Giang, many families could not send their children to school because of poverty. They live base on farming and labor with less than $1 per day. On top of poor people, they could not prepare for their children […] Read more

Stories in the field

The short stories reflect events in the villages where we work, experiences of ordinary people or of the team. when news and stories from the field format 13-06-2014 Madame Nine! By Ms.Andea Young     16-09-2009 Mister Thi and his snakes   10Kb   06-06-2009 Diversification equals agricultural insurance 28 Kb   25-04-2009 600$ for the […] Read more