Support the poor households overcome crisis of Covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic spread out all around the world. More than 211 countries and areas have 2.55 million infected cases. In Vietnam, there are 268 cases infected thanks to the drastic action of all people and authorities at all levels. The Government recommends everybody stay home to control the spread out situation. Many companies, schools, […] Read more


Pigs thumbnail

The poor farmers borrow money to raise pigs. With the first loan they raise two pigs, sell one and keep one sow in order to raise new piglets. The second loan will allow taking care of the sow. After harvest, the rice husk is used as food for pigs. The piglets are sold for a […] Read more

Earth worms

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People raise earth worms in order to feed fish, ducks, eel or chicken… Worms are fed with cowpat, kitchen waste and tree leaves. Earth worms also make good fertilizer out of cowpat. After collecting the worms this vermi-compost can be used to improve crop production. Some water can be extracted from the worm compost and […] Read more


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Long My district has many rivers, canals, and water areas which allows for raising ducks easily. Very poor households get loans from Anh Duong in order to raise 50 small ducks. After 5 months the ducks will produce eggs. Ducks are fed with snails and rice which the farmers get for free by searching in the field. […] Read more