Non smoking day

altEvery year, on the 31st of May, Anh Dương organizes a boat race for Non Smoking Day. This sporting event mobilizes women for anti-smoking campaigns and encourages their husbands to give up smoking. This is a noisy and animated event on the river in Long My and attracts a big crowd. The dragon boat race gathers an audience of more than 3000 people every year. The impact on the community is quite significant as many people give up smoking.


altAnh Dương encourages the community to use clean water. It is important as in the delta people are used to getting water from the rivers and this water is not suitable for consumption. The rivers are polluted with toxic waste. Anh Dương helps every household to have a well by awarding the families with wells 200 000 đ. When families are really poor Anh Dương builds a public well so that 5 families can be supplied with good water. Since 2005, Anh Dương has helped to build over 2600 wells in Long Mỹ district.


altIn the Mekong delta people have the habit of using toilets built over the rivers or ponds. Anh Dương organizes in the villages and schools a session to watch excrement under a microscope in order to see germs, microbes and worms’ eggs. Anh Dương gives medicine to eliminate worms’ eggs. This action encourages the household to build proper latrines. Anh Dương rewards poor families who build a latrine with 500 000 đ and 200 000 đ for any other household. Since 2005, Anh Dương helped to build over 1400 latrines.