Fish breeding

altMale and female cat fish or goby fish are bought in order to produce baby fish. Fish breeding is realized with the help of artificial insemination. Anh Dương helps with techniques and loans for fish breeding. It is a real success as the farmer sells 100 000 small fish in just 5 months. For poor families, the selling price is 1 600 to 1 800 đ/small fish. It is a cheap price as on the market you will find the same fish from 2 000 to 2 200 đ/small fish.

Snake-head fish

altSnake-head fish are raised in nets in the river when the level of water is higher, near the house. The investment will only be to buy nets and small fish as food. It takes 3 to 4 month to raise snake-head fish. At the end you can sell 60% of the production as the death risk is almost 40%. The average sell is about 600 kg at 25 000 đ/kg. The benefit will be around 4,5 million đ.

Fish, paddy and papaya

altThere are only 2 rice harvests per year so to increase your income you can combine different products such as fish, papaya, vegetables… You simply divide your land into different growing areas. Around the field you plant fruit trees or vegetables that you can sell in the market in order to get money to feed the fish. With a pond of 200 m² and 2 m depth you will raise about 3000 small fish and it will take only 1 month. After one month you free the fish in the paddy. Having fish in paddy increases the growth rate of fish as they find more food. It is a natural way to feed them. After 4 months you reduce water in the rice field which forces the fish back into the pond where they will finish growing for 1 month before being sold. These 3000 small fish will result in 1 ton of sellable fish and the income will be 12 million đ.


altMekong delta is a low land with many rivers so the poor families don’t have access to much land. It is easier for them to raise eels in front of their houses in small ponds or nets. But why eels? Eels are easy to feed, you just need snails which you can find everywhere in the rice fields. They take only 5 or 6 months to grow. You can also just catch them in canals with an eel-pot. It is a good investment as the selling price is higher than fish. You can sell eels for 60 000 đ/kg whereas you can sell fish for only 25 000 đ/kg.