Workshop on Improvement net-house pilot model

This is the automatic irrigation system with soft plastic tube.In 7th September 2016, Anh Duong organized seminar on Improvement net-house pilot model in Phuong Phu commune, Phuong Hiep district,  #Haugiang #Vietnam . At the conference, the staff reported the results of models.

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titleAfter the rice harvest, many farmers use the leftover rice straw to cultivate mushrooms. Mushroom spores grow in the rice straw piles; with enough water and good care, the mushrooms will grow strong and healthy. The rice straw from 1000 m² and 12 bottles of mushroom spores are used.

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Vegetables in Net - House

titleNet houses are one agricultural innovation supported by Anh Duong. Farmers learn to grow good quality crops under the protective nets. Anh Duong encourages farmers to grow different crops, and many farmers are able to sell these vegetables at higher prices at the market. As such, the use of net houses has contributed to income improvement for many poor households.

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altAfter the rice harvest one can grow watermelons.Mounds are built and covered by agricultural plastic. Small holes are created in order to feed the watermelons. It takes 3 months to grow. For a field of 1000 m², seeds, fertilizers and insecticides represent an investment of 1 million đ. Watermelons will be sold at a price of 3500 đ/kg for a total profit of 6 million đ. For the same field, rice brings only 2 million đ in profit.